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How do I 'Add a Site' to be submitted using your service?

In order to add a site to be submitted, you would have to login to your account and click on the 'Add a Site' link. Here, you would need to enter your website details including:

Website URL: enter only your main homepage URL, since most directories do not accept inner pages. (Inner pages of your site can be submitted using the paid directory service, but for which you will first need to submit your homepage URL using our regular service; following which you could submit your inner pages using our paid service.)

Contact Name: the name of the person who owns or operates the website

Contact Email: the email address to be used for the purpose of directory submissions only. This is the address to which directories would send you confirmation emails and requests. Since you could expect several emails from directories, it is recommended that you do not enter your regular or business email address. It would be advisable to maintain a separate email account for the purpose of submissions.

Note: all emails from us will be sent to the email address entered while signing up for the service. We will not contact the email entered while adding a site. This email is used only for the purpose of submissions.

Country: Select the country that your website targets; if you target a global audience, enter the name of the country you hail from.

Category Preferences: enter a few of the most appropriate categories that you would like your site to be listed under. For example, if you had an online clothing store, your category preferences could include 'Shopping', 'E-Commerce', 'Clothing', 'Apparel', etc.

However, you shouldn't be too concerned about selecting the most appropriate categories, as the details you enter will anyway be reviewed by our editors, who will ensure that your site is submitted under the most relevant categories.

Keywords: mention 4-5 keywords related to your website which you think people would enter while conducting searches for your site. For example, the keywords for a real estate site could be 'Real Estate', 'Housing', 'Home Buyer', 'Agent', 'Listing', etc.

Titles and Descriptions: enter up to 5 different titles and descriptions with which to submit your site. What you enter as a title is what the directories will use as the anchor/link text with which to link to your website. Your titles should ideally be your website name or key phrases that describe what your website has to offer. Having multiple titles allows you to target different keyword phrases that you hope to rank high for in search engines.

Descriptions are brief summaries about your site, appearing just below the titles. Entering multiple descriptions about your site will eliminate all chances of your directory links looking like duplicate links. Hence, we recommend that you enter multiple titles and descriptions while adding your site.

Avoid the use of exclamations and superlatives like 'greatest', 'best' or 'cheapest' in your titles and descriptions. Also, avoid sounding too promotional.

You are also asked to enter an 'Official' website name and description. The official website name is a formal title that should either be the name of your website (domain name) or the name of your company. For the official description, you could enter one that you feel best suits the purpose of your site, or copy a description that you have already entered.

If you intend on adding several sites to your account, you could also consider the 'Grouping' option which allows you to group or categorize your website according to similar themes or clients.

When you have finished entering all the details for you site, click on the 'Click Here to Save' button.

For details on other directory submission guidelines visit:

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