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How to test out the payment system? Testing Paypal before launching.

Before you launch your service, you want to make sure your payment system works properly. You're advised to follow the steps below to test whether everything is functioning the way it should.

Step 1: First Create a Paypal Sandbox Account:

How to Create a Sandbox Paypal Account:

Step 2: Place a test order:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enable IPN in your Paypal Sandbox Account and also enable the "Sandbox" option in the Core Settings Panel in your Reseller Admin section.

Also ensure that you have at least $MX 5 in your Directory Maximizer account.

Then go the Admin Section and under Core Settings, open the Price Setup tab. Out here, you'll need to change the Minimum Price to $1.00, and then click   as shown in the picture below:

Then you will get a confirmation saying:

Once this is done, go the homepage of your Reseller Site and create a new account as a client and add a dummy site. Once a site is added, you will be taken to the "Place an Order" page where you need to choose the  "Submit to a specific number of Directories" option and entering "10" as the number of directories to be submitted. Then click on the button   as shown in the picture below:

Now you will be redirected to Paypal Sandbox. Give your buyer paypal email address and then the password:

Then click on Pay Now as shown in the picture below:

Now click on Return to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Test Store as shown below.

Now you will be redirected to the Reseller Site and you will see the information pertaining to that order as shown below:

Once the order has been placed, you will need to confirm in your Admin Panel under the Sales section whether the order came through. You should also confirm the invoices section of your Directory Maximizer account to verify if the order reached Directory Maximizer

If you've found that both the Sales section of your site + the invoice section of your Directory Maximizer account are reflecting the order details of what you placed, then the payment module seems to be working fine. 

Now you'll need to check whether the refund section is working and whether you're able to cancel the order from Directory Maximizer.

Login to your Paypal Sandbox A/C and then go into your Seller’s A/C. You will find the payment you made for that previous transaction, as shown in the picture below:

Click on Details, then you will find the option to refund:

Click on "Issue a Refund" and enter the invoice number for your reference and any notes you may want to enter:

Confirm your refund as shown below:

Now the refund is complete and you will get a confirmation of it as shown below:

Once you go back to your Admin section, under the Sales section you should find the order highlighted in pink. This means that there's been a refund issued towards this order.

 Now you need to complete the refund process by cancelling the order from Directory Maximizer. First, go the "Refund Due" section and out there you should find that the order you just refunded is out there. You'll notice that there is an "Excess Amount" of refund given, this is because the order is not yet cancelled. When you make a refund from the payment gateway (Paypal), only the amount is refunded, the order is not cancelled automatically. You'll need to decide if you want to cancel the order. So to cancel the order, click on the Order ID link.

The order details page for the Order Id: will be opened in a new window.

This is the section from where you need to cancel your orders. For the purpose of this test, choose the option to "Cancel Order & Send to Refund Due Section". On doing this, the order will get cancelled instantly from Directory Maximizer and also disappear from the Refund Due section - it disappears from the refund due section because both steps of refunding the payment and cancelling the order have been complete.

Once any order has been cancelled, you instantly get back the money you paid in Directory Maximizer in your account. You should anyway check the invoice in Directory Maximizer, which should confirm that you've got back submission credits for the order placed:

If the refund module also works as outlined here, then you can continue to make your account live. You will need to go back to the Admin Core Settings page and disable the Sandbox option and enter your live Paypal payments id.

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