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How to set the cron file to run? What is a cron file and how do I get it set up?
Cron is a time-based job scheduler. Cron enables users to schedule jobs (commands or scripts) to run periodically at certain times or dates which you set. In this case, it is needed for the sending of emails to your clients informing them of the completion of their orders and crediting their account with submission credits for any submissions that could not be done in the order.

This cron is to be set in your server. Outline below are steps you would take to set up the cron on a server having CPanel access.

Once you login to your CPanel interface, you'll see a page like the one shown below:

Click on the option of "Cron Jobs" under the Advanced tab, as shown in the picture above. On clicking that, you will be directed to a page where you can set up the cron process.

You will see a page like the one shown below:

Out here, you have the option to configure how often you want the file to run. It is advisable to choose "Once a day" under "Common Settings" and to choose an appopriate "Hour" when you'd want the mails to be sent to your clients. Do note that the file will run according to the time zone of your server, so take that into consideration when setting a time.

In the "Command" field enter wget like in the picture shown above.

Once you've added the Cron, the process is complete and the cron file should run automatically.
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