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How to Create a Paypal Sandbox Account
This document will outline the steps necessary the creation of a Paypal Sandbox account so that you can trial run the Reseller Site and test some orders to check if  the payment options are working for you. Please ensure you run at least one test before going live.

Use this link and create a sandbox account. Click on the link as shown in the illustration.

Clicking on the Paypal Sandbox link as shown above will open a new page where you will have the option to signup.

Click on the button . In the signup page fill all the fields and the security question and finally click on the button . Then you will get the confirmation saying:

When you receive an email from Paypal, click on the confirmation link.  It will confirm your signup.

Then log in into the account using the username and password that was given by you at the time of registration. Once logged in, click on the option to create a preconfigured account, as show in the screenshot below:

You need to create 2 preconfigured test accounts to effectively test using the paypal sandbox. You will need to create one account as a Buyer and another as a Seller. Both can be created in the same account. First create a Buyer a/c. Fill all the fields as shown below:

Once you've entered all your details, click on the button .  Then you will get the confirmation saying:

Now Create a Seller A/C in the same way you created a Buyer A/C. You will get a confirmation of your Seller A/C.  Now you have 2 A/C's which will be shown as below:

Now you need to enable the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) in the Seller's A/C.  Now check the radio button of your Business (Seller) A/C and click on: as shown in the picture below:

It will open a new window.

Click on More Options. Then click on Instant Payment Notification Preferences as shown in the picture below:

Then Choose IPN Settings:

Enter the Notification URL which is given in the Admin Section under "Core Settings – Paypal Email" as shown in the picture below. You need not enter a url, it's just important to ensure the IPN option is enabled.

Enable the Receive IPN Messages. And then Save.

The Paypal Sandbox setup is complete.  Now you can go to the Admin Section and under Settings click on Core Settings. Click on the button: 

Then a small box will open for you enter the Paypal details as shown below:

Then click both the check boxes and submit. On doing so you will be confirmed that the settings are saved.

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