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Understanding the Admin Section
Once logged in to the Admin section of your Reseller site, you'll find links to various sections. Here's a brief overview of what each of those pages contain.


The Dashboard has information about:
  • The Available $MX Balance in your Directory Maximizer account
  • Orders to be checked for possible misuse. (will show only if exists)
  • How many orders are there in the Refund Due section (will show only if exists)
  • How many orders are there in the Pending Orders section  (will show only if exists)
  • User Registration Details
  • How many sites where added
  • Sales Details
  • Last 30 Transactions


There are 3 Setting tabs available:
  • Core Site Settings:  This is where you need to enter your Directory Maximizer access details,  price that you wish to charge for the submissions, 2Checkout Settings,  Paypal, Google Analytics and a few other settings.  These settings are very necessary and the first step you need to complete before going live with your service. 

  • Email Settings: Out here, you can customize the text of the e-mails that are sent out to your users on various actions that they may take. You can also make certain emails inactive so that they don't go out on certain actions.

  • Design Settings:  These settings are applicable to the default template given with the site. You can choose from 3 different color settings and also can customize the header, footer, logo and slider background images. Please make sure though that the images you change to are within the dimensions stated on the Design Settings page.


There are 2 pages related to Refunds:
  • Refund Due: This page lists all the orders for which there has been some refund related activity and which require some action on your part. So make sure you check this page often to ensure refunds are not pending for long or so that you're able to cancel orders from Directory Maximizer in time before they're processed.  You will also see reminder notifications in the main Admin Dashboard section of your site till the time till are refunds are processed.

  • Refund History: Here you can view a history of all refund related actions that were taken by you related to your clients' orders.


This section allows you to search for users and orders and allows you to edit their user information, access their account or to view their order history. There are a number of parameters by which you can search for a user.


Here you get an overview of all the sales made for your Site.


This section shows you all orders that have been placed by your clients BUT have not been ordered in Directory Maximizer because of lack of funds in your Directory Maximizer account. You will need to purchase submission credits ($MX) in Directory Maximizer and then come back to this section to complete the step of executing the orders.

Click on this link
What is the Pending Orders Section and How it Works? for more information.
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