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An Overview on Refunds and the Refund Section in the Reseller Site

Note: This question pertains only to those who are our Resellers and is not relevant to normal orders placed on Directory Maximizer

There are various scenarios under which refunds can happen and out here we try to cover some of the scenarios, outlining some of the steps that you'll need to take to process the refund.

First, it's important to realize that there are essentially three methods of refund allowed:
1) Refund an order through the same method in which it was paid, e.g. make a refund through Paypal, if paid through Paypal
2) Refund an order in the form of submission credits being added to the client's account, where the client can then use the submission credits to place orders in the future
3) Refund partially through the original payment method and the balance in the form of submission credits.

Refunds would typically be needed in scenarios where:
a) the client requests for a cancellation of the order
b) you need to cancel an order for some reason
c) Directory Maximizer needs to refund the order for reasons of not being able to submit it

In the first two scenarios above (a and b), you'd need to first cancel the orders from the Order Details page and then the record will show up in the Refund Due section, showing you how much is to be refunded to the client. You could then choose to either refund the order in full from the payment gateway (Paypal/2Checkout) or refund it in the form of submission credits to the client's account or a mix of both.

In the scenario where Directory Maximizer refunds the order, the details of this will automatically show up in the Refund Due section. In these instances, you need not go to the Order Details page to cancel the order, since they've already been cancelled. You just need to take necessary steps to refund the client the respective amount shown in the Refund Due section.

Under normal circumstances of a single site being placed under an order, there are no complications as to how to handle the process. Once the site has been cancelled and the total amount refunded, the record automatically disappears from the Refund Due section. Refunds made from Paypal/2Checkout are automatically detected by the system and adjusted against the refund due amount.

It is only in other circumstances, where you'd need to be aware of the other actions possible.

As can be seen in Refund Due section, there are 3 scenarios that you could face:

Basically, what you need to understand is that, a record will always show on the Refund Due section while there's a refund amount still due or an excess amount paid [an excess refund usually happens when you refund from the payment gateway first before cancelling the order]. To remove the record from the Refund Due section, you'll need to take one of the actions described in the "View Possible Actions" link for that scenario.

Given below are examples of how you'd deal with certain scenarios on a step-by-step basis:

Orders where Submissions have not Started:
  1. Refund a Single Site Order Paid Through Submission credits:
Orders where Submissions have already Started:
  1. ....
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