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How to Refund through Payment Gateway - Paypal Sandbox
First log in to your Paypal Sandbox Business (Seller) account.

Then click on Test Accounts as shown in the picture below:

Choose your Business account as shown below and click .

A new window will open and ask you to confirm your email and password. Authenticate it.

View below all your transaction and choose which one you need to refund:

Click Details, and check the Unique Transaction Id whether that is the one for which you want to refund.

Click on Issue a refund.  Then Enter the Refund amount (You can make either the full refund of the original payment amount or a partial refund) and then click Continue.

Confirm your refund as shown in the picture below:

You will get a confirmation after refund successful.

Now you have completed the Refund through Payment Gateway (Paypal Sandbox).
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