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What is the Pending Orders Section and How it Works?

This section shows you all orders that have been placed by your clients BUT have not been ordered in Directory Maximizer because of lack of funds in your Directory Maximizer account. You will need to purchase submission credits ($MX) in Directory Maximizer and then come back to this section to complete the step of executing the orders.

A brief overview of how this section works:

Black Arrow: Click on the Order ID to view the details of that particular order.

Red Arrow: Click on the link: "Click to complete order" so that only the particular order will get executed (you would typically do this only if you purchase $MX sufficient to complete a certain set of orders).

Green Arrow:  Click on the button with reference to the order that you want to cancel and send it to the refund due section, so that you can process the refund later.

Blue Arrow: Click on the button after clicking on the checkboxes for the orders which you want to execute.

Violet Arrow:  Click on the link "C" to cancel any particular site in the order.  If an order has 5 sites and if you want to cancel one among those 5 sites, then click on the corresponding "C" link and and that order will get cancelled and a record will show up in the Refund Due section for you to process.
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