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Understanding Sales
This Document will detail all the information pertaining to Sales. The Admin Section Dashboard gives you information about User Registrations, Sites Added and Sales Details with the last 30 transactions.

In the Dashboard will reflect the last 30 transactions which are shown in the Sales Tab of Admin Section. Sales Page will show you all the transactions and in the bottom of the page you have the option to move to the next page and previous one which you can see in the illustration below:

The Colour Codes used in the above illustrations are:

The transactions which are showing in beige colour are the normal sales which are without any refunds or pending orders.

 The Transactions which are showing in pink colour are the ones where a refund has been done (partial or full)

 The Transactions which are showing in Orange colour are the ones where there is Pending Order (Client has order but not ordered with Directory Maximizer due to insufficient of funds) and Pending Refunds (The orders that have been cancelled but still the refund has not been done and still in the Refund Due Page).

Profit Calculation:

  • Cost: Amount paid to Directory Maximizer
                * 14 Cents per submissions (without email handling)
                * 18 Cents per submissions (with email handling)
  • Gross Amount: Amount paid by the Client through Payment Gateway
  • Net Amount:  Amount paid by the Client minus Payment Gateway Charges
  • Credit Used: Amount of Submission Credits Used
  • Net Profit: Calculated on the difference between the Net Amount and the Cost paid to directory Maximizer.

If any order is made through Submissions Credits (fully or partially) it is not going to affect the Sales because it is considered as a internal money rolled back.


1. Order Id: 145 - Net Profit = Net Amount – Cost (38.54 – 42.00) = -3.46
This order is a normal one without any refunds or pending order.

2. Order Id: 144 – Net Profit = 18.15 – 0.00 = 18.15
This order was cancelled and the client was refunded by Submission Credits which he can use for future orders.  Since 18.15 has not been refunded but only adjusted to his internal submissions credits account it is considered as Profit.

3. Order Id: 136 – Net Profit = -0.30 – 0.00 = -0.30
This -0.30 is a loss due to Payment Gateway charges towards the refund.  This is a rare case scenario.

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