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If I’ve made mistakes in the site details entered, how can I rectify or correct the same?

To make changes for any of the following: contact name and email, country, site URL, category or keywords:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the 'Edit a Site' section
  • Choose the site for which you wish to edit details
  • Make the changes or corrections, as required
  • Click on 'Save Changes'

To change official title and description:

  • Click on 'Edit Official Details'
  • Make changes and 'Save Official Details'

To add more titles and descriptions:

  • Click on 'Add New Titles and Descriptions'
  • Choose the number of new titles and description you'd like to add
  • Click on the 'Add Titles & Descriptions' button to save changes

To delete titles and descriptions:

  • Click on 'Remove Titles & Descriptions'
  • Select the titles and descriptions you want to delete by checking the relevant box
  • Click on the 'Delete Selected Items' button

Note: Any changes made to the titles and descriptions will not apply to an existing order placed with us. Such changes can only be applied if you contact us informing us of your desire to make these changes applicable. Otherwise, changes to titles and descriptions will only be applied to future orders.

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