Custom Link Building Service - Submit to Custom Sourced Lists

Custom Link Building Service

Let us build your site a backlink portfolio of your taste with quality links of your choice

Our team of skilled link builders will only build links based on your own stated requirements

Custom Link Building for Maximum SEO Benefits

Main objective:

To provide a tailor-made service to our clientele who know exactly what kind of links they want.

The need for this custom link building service:

While submissions to quality web directories work well enough to build backlinks to a website, more specificity is needed for high competition keywords.

"What do you mean by specificity?":

  • Niche-specific directories
  • Country or Region specific directories
  • Relevant websites in your industry that list 'useful resources', etc.
  • ....(any kind of sites you can think of attempting to build a link)

What we do:

We submit your website to a list of directories of your choice! Yes, it’s as simple as that! Don’t have a list of your own? Simply send us your requirements, and we will hunt down directories that meet them, and create a list of our own.

Of course, before starting the submission, we will check with you whether you are happy or not with the list we’ve come up with.

Once you give us the green light, we will start building the links to your site.

Key Advantages

  • Total Control

    Have links built only where you want them to be built. Be sure that your investment will bring real SEO results, and not penalization.

  • Rinse & Repeat

    Had success with a handful of directories in the past? You can now replicate the same success by having us submit your other sites to the same directories.

  • One-Way Links

    Link exchanges do not work as well as they used to anymore. This service only builds permanent, one-way links to your site, without your site having to link back to them.

  • Stand Out

    While your competition is building links on generic web directories, you can now have the edge by getting listed in exclusive directories.

  • Higher Chances of Approval

    We have been exchanging emails back and forth with over a thousand of directories throughout the years we’ve been in this business. We know what they want, and what they expect. As such, we know the best angle to tackle when approaching them for a submission request.

  • Transparent Reports

    At Directory Maximizer, we value transparency. We will let you know exactly what action we have taken, as well as the status of the submission (whether it was possible to submit or not).


Get in touch with us for your custom submission requirements. The pricing depends on the requirement and whether the lists are already available with you or we would need to source them.

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20,000+ satisfied clients

Over 25 Million Directory Submissions in 6 years

How it Works

The process starts with either one of these two steps:

1. You provide us a list of your chosen directories

Or, if you don’t have one…

2. We source a list of relevant directories based on your niche.

We then reach a mutual agreement on the final list of directories. Once that’s done, we will make the custom submission option available in your dashboard.

There, you will be able to enter some details pertaining to your site. We will be using these details when contacting the directories for a submission request.

After the submission process has started, we will keep a log of everything we’ve done on each directory. This log will be formatted into a nice report, and will be made available for download in your dashboard when it’s ready.