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I am an SEO professional, how can I benefit from using your service?

If you are an SEO professional, you could benefit from the following:

  • Confidentiality: All the details that you enter while adding and submitting a site will be kept confidential. The contact email that you enter will only be used for the purpose of making submissions and nothing else.
  • Managing Clients: You could use the grouping feature available while adding or editing your sites to group websites together based on your clients. For example, you could have some websites grouped under 'Client A' and another under 'Client B' in order to manage the websites better.
  • Keeping Track: With our live reporting service, you could keep track of each and every submission as and when they are made. Resubmissions are automatically avoided by our system, ensuring that all submissions are made only to unique directories.
  • Submission Options: You are free to choose to submit sites to all, or a specific number of directories, or by PR, as is required by each client. You could also make use of the option to control the speed at which submissions are made, slowing down submissions for up to 5 weeks.
  • Reports: After submissions are completed for each order, you will get a detailed report of the same. These reports can be downloaded in excel format. Hence, you have the option of customizing these reports as required for your clients.
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