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What are the benefits of using a submission service?

There are several benefits of using a directory submission service. Primarily, you can save time and money by using a submission service.

If you had to make submissions yourself, you would first have to collect a list of directories and ensure that they are SEO-friendly. For this you would have to consider many factors, such as ensuring that the directories do not have 'nofollow' or 'noindex' META tags, that the links do not have a 'rel=nofollow' tag, do not redirect, are not Javascript generated, etc

Then you would have to go through the submission process for each directory which includes following every directory's guidelines, choosing appropriate categories and subcategories, filling up each submission form, alternating between different titles and descriptions, entering the verification codes, etc.

This process could easily take up to 5 minutes per directory, hence over 8 working hours to submit to just 100 directories. Apart from this, you would also have to ensure that you keep track of each submission made, to avoid duplicate entries.

Instead, it would be much more economical and timesaving to make use of a directory submission service. To submit to 800 directories, you would be essentially saving approximately 67 hours of work, besides the hassle of maintaining and constantly updating your list of directories to include newer directories that match your original criteria.

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