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Can I submit more than 5 titles and descriptions for my site? Can I have more than 5 anchor text variations?

Yes you can submit your site with more than 5 titles and descriptions. For this you would first need place an order, after which you can go to the 'Edit Site' section and enter other titles and descriptions with which you want your site submitted. Every time you go to the 'Edit Site' section and change the titles and descriptions, the changes would come into effect only for future orders. Hence you can break up your entire order depending on the number of titles and descriptions you'd want submitted with your site.

For example, if you would like to make 200 directory submissions using 10 different titles and descriptions, you could first place an order for 100 submissions, entering 5 titles and descriptions. After the order has been placed, you could go back to the 'Edit Site' section of your account, delete your old titles and descriptions, add newer ones and place another order for 100 submissions. This way 200 submissions can be made, using the 10 different titles and descriptions you have entered.

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