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Do you check to see which directories approve my link?

We essentially are a directory submission service. We save you the time and effort it takes to make these submissions on your own and we do it professionally and accurately. While we do our best to ensure high rates of link approvals from directories, it is difficult for us to keep track of the same, since there is no fixed time frame within which directories review and approve sites and neither do we know where your link is positioned under a certain category.

If you would like to get a rough estimation as to how many directories have approved your link, you could type the following in Google's search box:


(where is your URL)

The results that show up should give you a rough idea as to the number of pages apart from your own, which have the word 'directory' and your URL mentioned in them.

Note: Directory links do not appear instantly (could take up to 90 days) and even after they do appear, it could take a while before Google and other search engines actually find them in the directories. Only when this is done, can the links appear in Google's results.

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