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What should I do to ensure higher acceptance/approval rates for my site?

There are several things you can do to ensure that your site stands a good chance of being approved.

Regarding the site:

  • The site should be fully operational and not under construction
  • The site should be well structured and easy to navigate
  • The site should contain a substantial amount of quality and relevant content
  • Avoid excessive keyword repetition in the site's content
  • Ensure that the site does not redirect to another page or another site
  • Do not post obscene images or illegal material

Regarding titles and descriptions:

  • Should be meaningful and not stuffed with keywords
  • Should briefly reflect the purpose of your site
  • Should not sound too promotional
  • Should not contain personal messages, contact information or pricing information or any other information that is subject to change with time
  • Should not be all UPPER CASE
  • Avoid using superlatives, like 'greatest', 'cheapest', etc.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors should be avoided

For more details regarding guidelines to be followed, visit the following URL:

Once your website has been submitted to directories, you would want to regularly check your email, since some directories send out email confirmation links which have to be clicked on in order to complete the submission. However this does not mean that you have to open and check each and every mail that you receive from the directories. Judging by the subject line, which would read something like 'Click to Confirm' or 'Confirm Listing', you should be able to ascertain whether or not it is necessary to open the emails.

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