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What exactly happens after I place an order?

When an order is placed, the website to be submitted and the details entered for the same are reviewed by one of our editors, who checks to see whether appropriate categories, titles and descriptions have been selected. Mistakes in grammar and spelling, if any, are also corrected. Then category instructions are written for submitters to follow while submitting the site to directories.

You can keep track of each submission as and when it is made. These details can be seen in the 'View Report' section in your account. These reports show you the directories to which your website has been submitted, along with the titles and descriptions used.

You should also receive emails from directories once your submissions begin. Around 1 in every 3 directories send out email confirmations, some of which need to be clicked on in order to confirm the submission.

On submission, the site undergoes another review by the editor of each directory. Not all the sites that are submitted are necessarily reviewed. It has been noted that one could expect an average of around 30-35% conversions from submissions to links within a time period of roughly 3 months. When a site does get approved, your site gets a permanent listing in the directory.

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