The Directory Maximizer Affiliate Program

Key Highlights Of Our High-Paying SEO Affiliate Program

Here Are 6 Reasons Why You'll Make More Money With Us

1. Proven Services That Convert

Our service offerings are extremely reasonably priced, with minimum order values at $5, and this makes it very attractive to potential buyers. As a result, we have higher conversions than industry average and your clicks will convert better with us than anywhere else.

2. Multiple Services To Sell

With multiple service offerings available, we have a higher chance of converting your visitors over any other single-product affiliate program. We have 6 services that you can refer your customers to: (i) submissions to free directories, (ii) submissions to paid directories, (iii) submissions to niche directories, (iv) local citations, (v) guest blogging and (vi) our unique monthly link building package. We have banner and link options available for all these services.

3. High Commission Payouts

We pay up to 15% commissions on purchases made. Some purchases can go as high as $1,000, which means you could earn up to $150 per order.

4. Earn More With Our 90 Day Tracking Cookies

When you send a visitor to us, we will retarget them with ads for at least 3 months. If they then sign up within those 3 months, you still get credit for the referral. We make every click count.

5. Refer Once, Earn For Life

Some of our biggest clients are those that have been with us for years. We have very high repeat order rates and you stand to benefit from commissions on all these repeat orders.

The best example of this is our top earning affiliate, who surprisingly has referred us just 4 clients. Of those 4 clients, one of them is an agency that has given us more than $700,000 in business over 3 years. So the commissions he's earned have been quite remarkable.

6. We Are Relentless In Our Follow-Ups

For every visitor who signs up, we have multiple touchpoints that we use to remind them of our services. We have multiple email autoresponders, we run retargeted ads, we pro-actively reach out to them via live chat when they're on the site and we even reach them via social media. We ensure no stone is overturned in converting the visitors you send our way.

Our Affiliate Commission Structure

Given below are the list of services and the various commissions you would earn from all your referrals.

Service Lifetime Commissions
General Directory Submissions 15%
Niche Directory Submissions 15%
Local Directory Listings 10%
Paid Directories 5%
Guest Posting 10%
Auto-Pilot Packages 10%
Bulk $MX Credits 5%