SEO Case Study Of How We Grew Organic Traffic By 500% For A Food Distributor Website.

This case study is a field journal of how we grew the web traffic of an unsexy brand by over 500% in the space of a year, using services and techniques that most digital marketers would deem equally unglamorous.

As digital marketers, our job is to grow web traffic for our clients that convert into qualified leads and eventually, into sales. There are those of us in this industry blessed to work with brands where this is never a challenge, the sexy products in most cases. For the rest of us though, the ones who work with the unsexy brands, the challenge to pull visitors to the website is constant. Let’s dive in.

An Overview

First, a quick overview of the brand in question, the industry it was competing within, and the kind of competitors it was going up against. Treasure Islands is an organization solely focused on the import & export of Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods (FMCG) products into the Middle East, Africa & Asia. With offices in Dubai, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the company was poised to grow exponentially in these markets.

Unfortunately, the level of competition was growing exponentially as well, and the company was starting to find it difficult to carve a name for itself. The import and export of FMCG products is a cut-throat industry and competitors range from large multi-nationals to small start-ups. Having for the most part relied on exhibitions and word-of-mouth to drive sales thus far, the company’s founders approached us to help them turn things around on a tight budget.

The Problem

Now, an insight into the problem. When we started peeling back the layers of the brand’s online presence, we realized that like a lot of small businesses, digital marketing had essentially taken a back seat to sales. The brands website was abysmal, its social media presence non-existent, and for the most part, the brand wasn’t listed on trade portals of any consequence. Nothing illustrates this point better than their Google Analytics data till August of 2018, the date that we started working with them.

“I’m surprised they’ve even lasted this long.” This was the feedback from our Research Team after doing their homework on the brand, the market it operates in, and its competitors. They were essentially going up against very well-established companies that had woken up to the digital revolution far before our client. With that in mind, we knew we needed to come up with a robust digital strategy, but one that was firmly within the budgetary constraints the client had asked us to operate within.

Our Approach

First, we focused on helping them capture a larger share of Local Search Traffic. We aimed to achieve this by maximizing the potential of their Google My Business listing, as well as through Local Citations. Both of these services, run through Directory Maximizer, helped the brand catapult over rivals in key markets such as Dubai and India.

Second, given that the brand operated in a pure B2B capacity, we knew that a simple yet effective tactic we could employ was to have the site listed on every business, trade and company directory we could find; at least those that matched our DA & Traffic baselines. Again, using Directory Maximizer’s vast network of relationships with Directory Owners, we were able to find a ton of such Directories and kept up the pace of submission for a good 6 months.

We also submitted the site to our list of premium directories, where the site received backlinks to targeted pages with strategic anchor texts.

As we can see, the overall result of these two activities were quite effective and for a fraction of the cost of more mainstream advertising options.

Despite what most SEO experts tell you, Directories do contribute a small amount in terms of Link Juice and that is what we felt could benefit the website in the long term. As it so happens, it did.

Third, our Research Team also compiled a list of high-value brand and/or product keywords that the site would need to rank well for in order to pull in significant visitor numbers. The only problem with this strategy was, that the site itself was not very content heavy, and adding these terms to existing pages wouldn’t be feasible from a readability perspective. To that end, we went ahead and created new product-pages specifically for the purpose of ranking for key product and brand terms on Search.

The Results

As it turns out, the pages have performed well enough for the site to rank higher than brand pages for specific search terms. View a sample of the ranking screenshots we've taken:

The Site is Ranking #2 for Red Bull Distributor in Dubai

The Site is Ranking #1 & #2 for Ferrero Chocolates Distributor in Dubai

The Site is Ranking #1 for Monster Energy Drink Distributor in Dubai

The Site is Ranking #1 for Nutella Distributor in Dubai

Today, the client is very firmly in the driver seat and is keen on expanding their association with Directory Maximizer as they open new offices in the new markets they enter.

We would highly recommend trying out submitting your site to our list of premium directories. They've been proven to work for other sites and should definitely have some impact on your site's rankings.