Save Time with our Directory Submission Software.

You don't need to do any directory submissions yourself. We do them for you!

We're not just a software, we also provide the service of submitting your website.

Why use our Directory Submitter?

  • You Don't Need Software.
    We don't have anything for you to download or do yourself. All you need to do is add your website details, choose the number of directories you'd like to submit to and we'll do the rest.
  • New Directories Added Everyday.
    We keep adding directories to our list and we also keep track of all the submissions we do for you. This way, you can keep coming back and ordering for more without worrying about any duplicate submissions.
  • Our Directory Tie-Ups Ensure Higher Approvals.
    We've partnered with a number of directories, incentivizing them to review submissions from us at Directory Maximizer on a higher priority. This not only ensures prompter reviews but higher approval rates. Submitting yourself can be laborious and approvals can take forever, if you get them at all.
  • Unique & Exclusive Submission Options.
    You can choose to submit to all the directories or a few. You can filter the list to submit by Domain Authority (DA). You can also control the speed at which we make the submissions. All these flexible ordering options are what makes us stand out from anybody else in the market.

Other Unique Features of our Submission Software:

  • Build a Diverse Backlink Profile
    We allow you the option of writing up to 20 different titles and descriptions for your submission. We then rotate these when we submit your site to the directories. Having more titles and descriptions can make your backlink profile look more diverse and natural to a search engine.
  • All Emails Handled
    It can get really time-consuming (and annoying!) to handle all the emails received from the hundreds of directories! With our directory submission service, you need not worry about this since we take care of all the confirmation and verification emails for you.
  • Real-Time Reporting
    Once the order starts, you'll be able to see the reports populated in real-time. This gives you an up-to-date overview on the progress of your order.


All our services are charged on a pay-per-order basis and have a one-time fee only. This offers you the flexibility to order as and when you want. Our focus is on delivering top quality work at value for money prices.
E.g. 100 directory submissions = $20

Common FAQs

First, there's nothing for you to download. Everything is web based and done online. All you need to do is enter your website details and choose the number of directories you'd like to be submitted to. We handle everything else for you, ensuring your site is submitted to all the directories selected.
Backlinks will always form a core part of every search engine algorithm and that's what you get from directory submissions. Yes, the links you get from directories alone may not be enough to improve your rankings but they're important enough to have some impact.
There are many types of directories on the web and your website can benefit from being listed on these directories. The process of submitting your website and its details to the various directories available online is referred to as 'Directory Submissions'.
You can view a sample of the list of free directories out here. We don't share the entire list because it takes time to compile and it's constantly updated on a daily basis.

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