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You have plenty of ordering options, from choosing the speed of submissions to selecting by DA.

Why use our Directory Submission Service?

  • Better Link Approval Rates
    You have a 80% higher chance of getting link approvals when submitting with Directory Maximizer than when submitting on your own. That's because of our exclusive integration partnerships with many of these free directories. We save them the editorial review time and as a result, they approve our submissions on a higher priority over direct submissions on their site.
  • SEO-Friendly Links
    Search engine algorithms strongly favor links that are SEO-friendly, i.e. links that are direct to your site, non-javascript generated and do not have the nofollow attribute attached to them. We check for all directories against this criteria, of being SEO friendly, before they're put on our list and that’s exactly what you get from our service: one-way SEO-friendly directory links.
  • New Links - Every Time
    We keep finding and adding lists of free directories over time and since we track the links we build for you, you don’t need to worry about duplicate submissions on subsequent orders. You have an opportunity to build a regular flow of links to your site.
  • Manual Directory Submissions
    Using software for this task is not something that we think Google will deem as "white-hat", so we stay away from that! We do not use software for directory submissions. All the links are built manually.
  • Link Diversity
    You have the option of submitting up to 20 variations in your titles and descriptions. This results in a variety of anchor texts being used for your backlinks and makes for a fairly diverse and natural-looking link profile.

Some Key Features of our Submission Service:

  • Submit any type of site
    The free directories on our list have a wide selection of category choices under which your site can be listed.
  • Target multiple keywords or keyword phrases
    You can choose to submit over 20 different titles (which will also serve as anchor text) and descriptions
  • We handle the emails (optional)
    We realize it might get time-consuming (and annoying!) to handle all the emails received from hundreds of directories! If you want us to, we can take care of all the confirmation and verification emails for you.
  • Live Reports
    Live reports of your submissions will be available right in your dashboard!
  • Submission Options & Preferences that you can select for free
    For those of you using this service as part of a bigger link building strategy, you may have your own likings and specific requirements. To better serve you, we make these options available to you at no extra cost:
    • Choice of submission to all or a specific number of directories from our list
    • Directory selection by Domain Authority
    • Submissions spread over a period of 2 – 5 weeks


All our services are charged on a pay-per-order basis and have a one-time fee only. This offers you the flexibility to order as and when you want. Our focus is on delivering top quality work at value for money prices.
E.g. 100 directory submissions = $20

Common FAQs

Yes, the links from directories can still help with your SEO. If you just do directory submissions and nothing else, then it may not be enough to help you rank, but when used in conjunction with other tactics, directory submissions can be quite effective. The directory links can also add diversity to your backlink profile. You should consider directory submissions as one part of your link building strategy along with other tactics.
The price is 20 cents per submission and so submitting to 100 directories would cost $20. This is a one-time cost and there are no recurring costs involved in having your site listed on these directories.
Our directory submission service is meant to save you the time from finding all the quality free directories available, submitting your site details to each one and managing the email confirmations that these directories send. The price of 20 cents per submission is quite nominal for the value we offer.
There are many types of directories on the web and your website can benefit from being listed on these directories. The process of submitting your website and its details to the various directories available online is referred to as 'Directory Submissions'.
You can view a sample of the list of free directories out here. We don't share the entire list because it takes time to compile and it's constantly updated on a daily basis.
There is no such thing as a good number of directories to submit to since there can be no real harm in submitting to as many directories possible. How many you submit to, would ideally depend on your budget. We offer the flexibility to choose between submitting to the entire list of directories or a specific number of directories.

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