What is Content Marketing and Why is it so Powerful?
Before we dive into the various tips and tricks that you can use to fully benefit from content marketing, we thought that it might be a good idea to talk a little bit about what, exactly, content marketing is and why it's worth your time and effort. Those who may be new to the world of content marketing and want to know why it is so very powerful will probably find this section particularly helpful.
Content marketing components
Content marketing is a form of marketing that involves creation and sharing of published content, videos, images and other forms of media. This is usually done to acquire new customers, build long term relationships with the current ones, and to create a sense of engagement by providing valuable information that customers won't find elsewhere. Basically, instead of trying to sell your goods or services with a gimmick or sales pitch, you are delivering content that consistently informs the reader. In turn, that reader will rely upon your company when they are in need of the goods or services that you offer.
While many people may view content marketing as only an online promotional technique, printed content also falls under its purview. In fact, the content can be presented in a variety of forms, such as: infographics, eBooks, white papers, case studies, how-to and doit-yourself guides, etc. As long as your content is geared toward educating your customers, while still promoting your business in a round-about way, then it is content marketing.
Content marketing is now the primary marketing tool used by businesses across the globe.
Content marketing, on the other hand, isn't the type of “in your face” marketing that turns customers off, and makes them want to go elsewhere. Instead, it appeals to their need for knowledge and information, and turns that need into a non-intrusive marketing technique. The old marketing tactics that were relied upon a decade ago just aren't as powerful as they were before, and can even serve to hinder your marketing campaign in today's internet-centric world.
Benefits of inbound marketing
Take a look at online pop-up ads, for example. Years ago, companies relied upon them to serve as an attention-grabbing way to raise awareness of their product or site. Today, however, a good majority of customers have simply installed pop-up blockers onto their computers, so that they can avoid the often intrusive advertisements. The same goes for television commercials. Instead of watching them, consumers just record their favorite shows and fast forward right through the commercials. There are even some devices that give you the option to omit commercials entirely when they are recording programming.
The simple truth is that people don't want to be inconvenienced by marketing. Instead, they want to receive information from the companies they know and trust, which will undoubtedly lead to an increased sense of customer loyalty. That is why content marketing is now the primary marketing tool used by businesses across the globe.