Build your Backlinks Completely on Auto-Pilot

You don't want to be thinking of what links to be building every month.

You instead want links being built for you, on auto-pilot, month after month.

The two biggest mistakes people make with their link building are:
  • Building links on an ad-hoc basis
  • Giving up after a one-time link building activity
Instead, the right way to go about building links involves:
  • Building links consistently month after month.
  • Maintaining your link velocity because Google looks at link velocity.

Link Velocity is the rate at which links are built over time. But how many links do you need and at what rate? It can get tricky. While there is no magic number, building loads of links on an ad-hoc basis raises a red flag. And not building any links for your site obviously translates to no results.

The ideal solution is a strategically thought-out and well-executed link building plan that covers all types of links and them being built on a consistent basis over time.

To ensure you build a diverse profile of backlinks, we have 2 link building packages on offer. These packages have been well-structured to not only include a variety of linking sources but they've also been designed to ensure you get links on a consistent basis. Here are the types of links you'll get with each of the packages we have on offer:

  • Guest Blogging - Every few months, we'll reach out to bloggers / quality websites and ensure you get a backlink from a guest post we write for them on your behalf.
  • Industry-Specific Niche Directories - There are directories that are specific to an industry niche and getting links from such directories will help with having thematically relevant backlinks.
  • Premium Paid Directories - There are High Domain Authority directories that charge up to $30 per listing. We get you one listing every month from such directories
  • Directory Essentials - Each month, you will also get links from a set of general directories that we submit your site to.

Monthly Link Building Packages, starting from just $69