Get Citations in the Top Local Business Directories

Turn active local searchers into leads or customers by just being there when they are looking for you!

More calls, more e-mails, more walk-ins! Oh, and higher local search rankings!

Why Get Listed in Local Business Directories?

  • More Direct Traffic / Leads / Walk-ins
    Local searchers do not scout local business directories ‘just for fun’. They do so for a very specific purpose. They have a need. They are ready to take action. All they need is a product or service to fulfill that need. Your business can be the one they choose, just by being listed there!
  • Improve your Search Rankings
    Outrank your competitors in the local search results by having citations from multiple local directories. One of the factors affecting the position of a web page on the local search results page is the number of links/listings coming from other local sites. Local directories are the perfect place to start acquiring those 'local links'.
  • More Exposure & Brand Recognition
    Brand recognition often equals to trust. Being seen across various local directories will increase the trust in your brand (and hence the brand recognition). In addition, we make sure we target the popular directories; the ones that receive a lot of publicity and that are actively promoted by big companies!
  • Promote your Coupons, Deals & Offers
    In the future, you will be able to feature any promotion you are running on these directories. New coupon? Or maybe a new deal? You will be able to 'announce' that on your listings.

Not Convinced? Read On…

  • Get Guaranteed Listings - We have been in this business for years now. We know what these directories want, and we use that knowledge whenever we make a new submission request. The result? Your website will get listed!
  • Detailed Report - We deliver a detailed report upon completion of the submissions; this report includes the login information of each directory, so that you can update your information later on if you need to, or even promote new deals every now and then.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - If we cannot get your site approved and listed, we will give you your money back.

Package 1: Submit to 10 Directories for $40

  • BrownBook
  • Cylex

Package 2: Submit to 20 Directories for $70

    Package 1 Directories Above

  • Where2Go

Common FAQs

Any website that mentions your business name, address and phone number is referred to as a local citation for your business. In most cases, citations come from business directories but they can also be found on certain websites and social platforms. A citation does not need to link to your website for it be considered by search engines, a mere mention is usually good enough.
It's been observed that local businesses that have more citations have tended to rank better in the Google Local Pack. Given that it's only a one-time activity to get listed in these directories, it is a no-brainer must-do activity for any business.
NAP stands for Name, Address & Phone Number. Having NAP consistency is important in your citations. Consistency in your NAP across your listings lends more credibility to the citation.
We have been doing local citation building for years and know what it takes to get approved on these directories. Moreover, you need only submit your details once with us and we save you the time of submitting to each one of these platforms manually. You get a detailed listing report at the end of the process with login credentials that you can use to further manage your listings.

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