Build Links from Niche Industry-Specific Directories for your Website

It's hard to find niche directories, let alone get listed in them. We assure you links from these directories.

We've curated lists of 20 to 30 directories for each niche, that you can have your site submitted to.

Why choose our Niche Directory Submission Service?

  • Get Relevant Links from within your Industry
    Contextually relevant backlinks are known to have a stronger impact on rankings than generic links. That is where this service will help.
  • Curated List of 20 to 30 Directories Only
    We have seen many directories compromise on their integrity by eventually accepting sites of other niches as well in exchange for some form of payment. The directories on our list are monitored for quality and we ensure they list only categorically relevant sites. This ensures the quality of your link.
  • 100% Refund, if your listing is rejected
    If for any reason we cannot get your site listed in these niche directories, you will receive a 100% refund for those listings.
  • Discounted Prices
    Being a frequent customer of a large amount of submission orders of these directories, Directory Maximizer was able to negotiate a very good price for its future submissions. This means that as our customer, you can take advantage of the low prices we benefit from. Our pricing is lower than that on the directories' submission pages themselves!

Not Convinced? Read on…

  • Anchor Text Variation - We allow you to target multiple keyword anchors by submitting up to 20 different titles and descriptions so that you can build links in a more natural fashion.

  • Save the Annoyance of Handling Directory E-mails - If you want us to, we can take care of all the registration and confirmation emails of the directories for you. This service is optional.

  • Live Reports - Keep track of completed submissions in real-time, right within the dashboard we make available to you upon registration.


All our services are charged on a pay-per-order basis and have a one-time fee only. This offers you the flexibility to order as and when you want. Our focus is on delivering top quality work at value for money prices.

$2.95 /submission
E.g. 30 directory submissions = $88.5

Common FAQs

Niche directories are those directories that only list sites that fall under the niche's industry. For example, the Automotive Directories would list only websites that relate to the business of cars and car servicing.
We have 9 different categories of niche directories that we can submit your sites to: Real Estate, Finance, Travel, Blog, Health, E-commerce, Automotive, Internet Maketing & General Business.
The niche submissions get you links in directories that focus only on your industry. The submissions to free directories get you links in generic directories that list sites across categories. The paid directories get you links from premium directories that are more exclusive in the sites they list.
Each niche directory has their own editorial review process and we cannot guarantee you an approval. However, we will refund you the amount paid towards any rejected listings.

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