Making best use of your Directory Submission efforts

All we, webmasters, hardly submit to directories these days aiming for direct traffic, instead we use directory submissions more as a method to obtain inbound links to our site. Search engines are known to give some importance to links obtained from directories and hence we need to pay close attention to certain factors when submitting in order to get the best out of these directory links.
Directories have proven an important source for links. These links should ideally be optimized for the keywords that we want our site ranked for in the search engines. Usually directories allow the submission of just one page (generally home page), so the keywords have to be relevant to that page. Make sure that you have researched your keywords well and chosen those that are minimally competed for but adequately searched.  (Keyword research can be done using tools like KeywordDiscovery and WordTracker).
Unlike other methods of link building like reciprocal linking where you can just request the webmaster to include specific keywords in your link, with directory submissions you have to convince the editor to include the anchor text of your choice – you need to make sure of not over-stuffing the anchor text with keywords if you want to stand a chance of approval. You would also need to make sure your title is not too promotional.
It is also a smart idea to vary your anchor text as search engines have techniques to control anchor text spamming. Too many links with the same anchor text may be unacceptable, so consider a few options which you can use for different directories.
Most directories also require a description of the website. Make sure it does not read like an ad text. Include a few relevant keywords without overdoing it. Avoid exaggerated descriptive words like ‘leaders’, ‘largest’ etc. This will not only make the editor frown, they are also not required. Avoid repetition of words and exclamation marks when punctuating.
Another factor to be considered is the category you submit under. Sometimes choosing the wrong category may be the key to the rejection of your submission. The right category will define your website more appropriately and it will aid the search engine when locating a site like yours. It's important you take the time to go through the directory's category list and select the most appropriate category.
Make the best of directories by carefully submitting your links in the first place. Once your site has been accepted, it may be extremely difficult to change any of the matter submitted. So make sure that you optimize your directory submissions.
To summarize the important points:
  • The links should ideally be optimized for the keywords that you want your site ranked for.
  • You should have researched your keywords well and chosen those that are minimally competed for but adequately searched.
  • You should vary your anchor text
  • Don't overstuff the anchor text (to avoid your submission being rejected)
  • Selecting the most relevant category for your site
  • Don't make your title and description sound too promotional (again, to avoid your submission from being rejected)
Directory submissions are a time-consuming task and you could use our service, Directory Maximizer, to save time when submitting your site to the directories.
Everything you need to know about Directory Submissions