Whitelabel & Resell our Submission Services at your Own Prices

Note: This reseller module is still under development and is expected to be ready some time before the 20th of June, 2011. The text below and on the sidebar is some temporary information available on how the reseller module would work, the finalized set of instructions and documentation will be put up when the module is launched. In the meanwhile, screenshots of how the site would look are available at this page. If you have any questions about being a reseller, feel free to contact us.
Get a ready made site replicating the same service features of Directory Maximizer and resell the same at your own customized prices. There are no set up fees and no upfront costs involved, it's absolutely free! Resell immediately and pay only on getting orders.
View screenshots of how the site would look. You can customize the looks of the site to your own custom requirements.
You need to be a registered user to download and set up the clone service.
You can set up as many such sites as you want but please do make sure, for your own benefit, that the content on the front pages are made unique. We have used standardised content on the reseller site, which we expect you to customize so that it becomes unique and thus avoiding any duplication of content with other reseller sites.
The site is easy to install and you are just required to have a basic server with mysql database support. The site can be easily installed and set up on your own. If, however, you would like us to set up the site and get it up and running for you, we can do it at a one-time fee of $35. Please use the contact form to get in touch with us for the installation service.
Installation & Set Up Instructions
1. Download the files from here. (You have not logged in, you need to be logged in to view the download link.)
2. Upload the files to your site.
3. Make the following folder writable (chmod 777): 'common_files'.
4. Create a database by any name for the site
5. Open the site, the installer should automatically start.
6. Folllowing the instructions in the guided installation wizard.
7. Once the site is set up,
a) set up a cron process to run every 24 hours for cron_files/submission_status.php - this file ensures your customers get informed when their orders are complete,
b) customize the content of the front 5 pages of the site and then you should be ready to go! You can either edit the content by editing the files directly OR by using Surreal CMS - click here to view more information on this (documentation link will be available shortly).
c) test the payment system - click here to learn how
d) customize the e-mails that are sent to your users from the E-mail settings tab
View Screenshots of the Ready to Use Site
How the Whitelabel Reseller Program Works