List of Free SEO Friendly Directories

Given below is the list of free SEO friendly directories that we submit to. This directory list is regularly updated. At present, there are 502 directories in this list.

Note: These are general web directories that have been hand-picked to suit all kinds of websites irrespective of whether they target a global, city specific, industry specific or niche audience.

Our Directory Selection Criteria:

  1. They should be SEO friendly. Read more about how we evaluate whether a directory is seo-friendly.
  2. The directory should be indexed by Google. We run this check every 15 days.
  3. If the directory has zero active links even after accepting quite a few submissions, we remove such directories.
  4. If a directory has not approved any links within the last 3 months, we remove those directories.
  5. We ensure that we don't have more than a few number of directories from a single IP.

We only show a selection of 30 directories from our entire list because we take a lot of time and effort in sourcing and maintaining our list (it's constantly refined every day) and would want to avoid our researched lists being misused by others.

Did you know that you have a 80% higher chance of getting link approvals when submitting with Directory Maximizer? That's true and it's because of our exclusive integration partnerships with many directories. We save them the editorial review time and as a result, they approve our submissions on a higher priority over direct submissions on their site.

Directory Url DA Google Indexed Pages DA 42 11400 DA 39 1580 DA 35 5650 DA 35 5340 DA 35 4960 DA 35 4910 DA 35 4870 DA 35 4680 DA 35 4470 DA 35 4260 DA 35 4160 DA 35 3970 DA 35 3900 DA 35 3870 DA 35 3820 DA 35 3670 DA 35 3660 DA 35 3530 DA 35 3220 DA 35 3170 DA 35 3080 DA 35 3010 DA 35 2780 DA 35 2340 DA 35 1140 DA 35 356 DA 35 166 DA 28 1100 DA 27 4120

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