Which directories should I submit to?

There are plenty of web directories you’ll find on the Internet. In fact, there might even be too many to count but the fact remains that quite a number of them are worthless submitting to.

The first thing you need to look at in a directory is whether the links they provide are seo-friendly. You can read this article on ‘What makes a directory seo-friendly?’, if you don’t already know what’s meant by the term.  Although a directory being just seo-friendly may not be enough to consider it valuable to submit to. SEO-friendly directories do provide links that will be counted by the search engines but these links will be of some value only if the directories are properly managed and all the links go through an editorial review process before being approved.  The main difference between a directory and a link farm is the fact that directories usually have an editor who reviews the links before approving them. This is what differentiates a quality directory from a link farm directory, apart from the fact that quality directories are actively managed and updated on a regular basis.

So ultimately which directories should I submit to?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of free seo-friendly directories that we submit sites to. We’ve reviewed each directory for providing seo-friendly links and randomly checked the quality of links given out. While all these directories may not necessarily be actively managed on a regular basis, they do at least fulfil the basic criteria of organizing and categorizing websites in a proper manner and providing seo-friendly links.

Of course, submitting to each of these directories would be cumbersome & time-consuming and therefore you might want to consider using our directory submission service in having your site submitted. We not only ensure your site is properly submitted to each of the directories mentioned in the list but also keep track of all submissions so that future submissions to newer directories can be made without worrying about repeating previously made submissions.

You may also read about the benefits of using a directory submission service – it does work out more cost- and time-effective than doing it on your own.

Everything you need to know about Directory Submissions