Why use a Directory Submission Service

If you’re not clear about what web directories are and how directory submissions can help, then you should perhaps read this first: ‘What are web directories and how can they help my site?
You obviously realize the importance of directory links and how they can help improve your site’s rankings. However, getting these directory links is not easy. There are hundreds and thousands of web directories out there and you would need to make sure you submit to all the correct directories, i.e. there are also plenty of directories from where getting a link would be completely useless, you would need links from seo-friendly directories [read ‘What makes a directory seo-friendly?’].
So the first thing to do is getting your list of seo-friendly directories. You would then need to make sure that the list is updated else you would waste time in visiting each directory just to find out that they don’t exist anymore or have become paid directories. You would need an updated list of free seo-friendly directories.
Once you’ve got your list, you would then need to convince yourself to sit through the monotonous task of opening each directory, finding the right category for your site, reading each directory’s set of guidelines, filling in the form correctly, entering the verification code and then hitting on the submit button. If any errors are shown after submission, you would then need to correct them and have the details re-submitted. You would have to repeat this hundreds of times. Wouldn’t it be wiser to spend the same time in doing something more productive and creative than indulge yourself in a task, which you could so easily outsource at minimal costs.
If you consider that every submission will take you a minimum of 3 to 4 minutes and that you can do around 15 to 20 an hour, that would mean your time is worth less than $4 an hour! [Calculation: Our service charges 20 cents per submission * 20 directories an hour = $4.00 / hour]. So, quite obviously the major benefit of using a directory submission service is the fact that you save plenty of time and money [unless of course you think that paying yourself $2.80 an hour is a good deal]
There are also some other major benefits to using a directory submission service [like ours]. Assuming you submit each site manually on your own, you would then need to make sure you kept track of all those submissions so that you don’t end up submitting to the same directories in the future. Services like ours offer the benefit of tracking your previous submissions and not charging you for duplicate submissions. If you got a list of new directories, you would need to sit through and remove all the duplicates first and then proceed to submitting to each one of them. It only adds to the already huge amount of time you need in doing directory submissions.
Another benefit of using a service like ours would be the flexibility of using many titles and descriptions for your directory submissions. It would be quite a task doing it manually – picking a different title & description for each directory and ensuring an equal distribution for the entire list of directories! We allow you to choose how many times you want a particular title & description combination repeated.
On the whole, managing the entire directory submission process is not only cumbersome but hugely time-consuming. One would either have to be really stingy or silly not to realize the benefits of using such a service. If you’re wiser than that, sign up here and get your site submitted using our service.

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